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VHDA Realtors are important when buying your first home. The first step to home ownership is to find a Realtor that is full-time and knows the VHDA program to assist with 1st time home buyer grants, 0 Down Home loans, and help when finding a VHDA eligible home!

What is VHDA? ( Virginia Housing Development Authority )

VHDA is a non-profit organization established by the Commonwealth of Virginia to help Richmond, Virginia and surrounding residents attain quality, affordable housing. VHDA provides mortgages primarily geared towards first time home buyers. VHDA does not use any tax paying dollars! Virginia Housing Development Authority ( VHDA ) offer free classes to help educate buyers on what to expect during the home buying process and also how to prepare for home ownership. Getting a full-time Realtor who knows VHDA is an important step when buying a home.  VHDA works with lenders, developers, local governments, community service organizations and others to help put quality housing within the reach of any neighbor wanting to live out the dream of homeownership in the Richmond, Va area and surrounding. Not sure VHDA is right for you? Give us a call or contact us today and get your questions answered, we offer our services at no cost to you! Schedule a call, or email us below.

Down Payment Assistant when buying a home?

VHDA’s Down Payment Assistant can help 1st time home buyers obtain a loan with less money down! It’s important to save cash on hand when buying a home for the first time, or anytime for that matter. The cost of homeownership can seem impossible to some, our experts can guide you down the right path to home ownership in the Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas.  Down Payment Assistant, or ( DPA ) has helped many first time home buyers (FTHB) change their dreams into a reality with amazing programs and low monthly mortgage payments. Get more info on the receiving down payment assistance below!

Buy a home without a down payment – $0 down mortgage loans

There can be many other loans out there other than the VHDA programs that are offered to Virginia residents. Home Loans such as Conventional, FHA, VA, 203k ( Renovations Loans ), Hard Money Loans, Equity Loans are all offered in Richmond, Virginia. Having so many loan options, it’s important to get a Realtor who can connect you with the right lender for you. The Albritton Real Estate Group ( Keller Williams Realty Team ) partner with some of the TOP VHDA lenders in the business who also specialize in other low to $0 down home loans such as FHA Plus, VA, and various grant programs. Send us a message below and let us connect you with one of the TOP VHDA Lender!

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