We hope everyone got to enjoy a snow day this week! Here’s what’s going on this frigid weekend in Richmond. Stay warm y’all!

Tomorrow, Saturday 1/6 check out the first ever Made by RVA Creative Market! The market is being held at the Dogtown Dance Theatre located at 109 W 15th St in Manchester. From 10-2 get your shop on and support local artists, crafters, bakers, and more vendors selling their wares. They are planning to hold more markets throughout the year so come check out the first one to get a feel for what you can expect, though there will be different vendors at all the markets.

Then Saturday night, head to Isley Brewing for their first Music Night of 2018! Playing the Isley stage for the first time is the Pop-Up Duo, a two man show featuring an upright bass and baritone sax/flute specializing in Jazz, Classical, Pop, and Folk with a twist. Freekin’ Rican will be slinging Puerto Rican cuisine all night and Isley will be serving their famous brews. Come in, get warm, and enjoy the free show from 6:30-9:30!

If you haven’t been yet you really should make a point to head to VMFA and see the Terracotta Army exhibit. This amazing exhibit features 10 terracotta soldiers (originally designed to accompany the First Emperor of China to the afterlife) a cavalry horse, armor, weapons, jewelry and more all excavated from the First Emperor’s mausoleum. The artifacts date back to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) and Zhou Dynasty (770 – 256 BC). The exhibit runs until March but on this cold weekend you might as well check it out now!