Eating healthy is tough. It usually involves a very sad salad with soggy lettuce, three cherry tomatoes, two slices of cucumber, and maybe some shredded cheddar cheese and stale croutons …if you’re lucky. You know the one I’m talking about; the one you begrudgingly eat at your desk while dreaming about pizza.

News flash: it doesn’t have to be like that! Throw away the sad salad and go to Goatocado!

Goatocado is a fast casual restaurant and catering service with fresh, vibrant, and satisfying meals made with organic, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Though they began with humble food cart beginnings, they have grown in popularity and now have developed a successful restaurant in The Fan.

Here’s how it works! First you choose your “flavor” based on 5 different types of regional cuisine. From the Californian with adobo style black beans, to the Mediterranean featuring classic flavors like cucumber, dill and tahini, you’re guaranteed to find something you like! As the name of the restaurant suggests, yes, there is avocado on pretty much everything on the menu!  Next you choose your “base” of either quinoa, naan, or creamy mac & cheese. All the dishes are vegetarian, but fear not carnivores – at this point you can choose to add organic chicken to top off your dish.

They also recently added broth bowls to the menu. The thai style curry broth and the Vietnamese style pho are both served over sautéed veggies, mushrooms, bean sprouts, and noodles with the option to add a fried egg, chicken, and more!   

Goatocado also puts a huge focus on sustainability, making sure everything they use is compostable; napkins, bowls, and forks included, so you can feel good about your meal from start to finish. In addition to their permanent location at 1823 W Main St. in Richmond, you can still find Goatocado’s food truck parked all over RVA serving at local events and festivals. Be sure to check them out!

Check out some of the current listings in The Fan below!