The Albritton Team’s Values & Culture

The Albritton Real Estate Group is a Modern, Technology focused Real Estate Team who provide Innovative Solutions for like-minded clients when buying or selling real estate in the Richmond, Virginia and surrounding markets.  

We conduct business with Transparency. We are fun, rarely boring, and will never allow our society to mold us into the traditional and often perceived mindset of the common Realtor. We’re a great fit for most, we’re not for everyone.



  1. Integrity – Always do the right thing. We will always take the high road with clients, our team members, and other agents inside and outside of our market center. Win-Win or NO DEAL – KW Culture.
  1. TRUST – We are driven by results, but without trust, none of it matters.
  1. Respond Promptly & with Accuracy. If we don’t have the answer, let’s research it. Never stop learning, training and progressing.
  1. Take ownership of our Brand. Protect our brand at all times, both inside and outside the office, this includes how others perceive us online! Together, we will create and protect our brand’s reputation.
  1. God & Family first with clear boundaries on what’s expected during and outside business hours. Communicate clear roles and accountability on what to expect from us and what we expect from others. Work Smart, Play Hard – We focus on the 20% that gets us the 80% of results we need to achieve and exceed our goals which allow us to create lives worth living.
  1. We are Professional as much as we’re fun. Our society may see real estate experts or other professionals as stiff, strictly business, not always or maybe, never fun. We will not be molded to fit that traditional mindset. We will never be boring. We will always connect with our clients and do business with others that share our vision. We will change the way people see, buy & sell real estate. WE help our clients. WE do not Sell our clients. WE ARE THE NEW REALTORS.
  1. Collaborative Environment. We have an innovative & Positive Mindset with the drive to succeed as a team. Our personal & business goals will align with our team’s vision! Together we accomplish more.
  1. We operate with transparency – No Smoke and Mirrors, Ever.
  1. PASSION – We’re passionate about anything and everything we do! 
  1. We are Results Driven with goals so high, others may laugh. We crush our goals, raise the goal, and when we think it’s too high, we raise it a little more. We are not okay with status quo.
  1. Technology focused – Can we solve it with technology? What’s the next big thing?
  1. We add to this as a team – What else?