Getting the most out of your photo shoot is easier than you think!

Below is some helpful information to ensure the best possible results from your home’s listing photo shoot. As a reminder, please give the professional photographer space to complete the shoot. The sessions usually last about an hour and we recommend being on a different floor or leaving the home while the photographer is working. If you have any specific request for shots, just let your photographer know and he will make sure to include them. Remember, they are experts at making your home look its absolute best, let them work their magic!

Please keep in mind that we must be detailed and thorough when completing this list so that we can get you the most money for your home. Just a heads up, pictures and videos do not get rescheduled! Please be prepared before photo day because scrambling to get it done the day of never works out!

General Checklist and Quick Tips

  • All interior lights need to be turned ON. If there is a light switch to be flipped, or a lamp to twist, do it!
  • Be sure to Replace ALL burned out light bulbs before photo day.
  • Turn all ceiling fans OFF if able.
  • Blinds should be all the way down and adjusted open to let light in.
  • Home is to be thoroughly cleaned before the photo shoot. This includes vacuuming all carpets and wiping down trim as needed etc.
  • Remove ANY and ALL clutter, especially items that would be distracting to the photograph.
  • Remove ALL pets from home during shoot as well as any visible dog beds, cages, litter boxes, pet food and toys.
  • Remove trash bins from all rooms.
  • Remove personal items like photographs and other distracting wall hangings.
  • Remember that what the photo doesn’t see, the video will find!
  • If no stager is applicable, please be sure to give every room a purpose and make that purpose minimalistic and simple without clutter.
  • Remove clunky exercise equipment unless being utilized in a designated gym or staged in the bonus room with yoga mat, for example.
  • Bowls of fresh lemons or flowers can always help liven up a kitchen.
  • Removing small rugs can help show off floors better.
  • Neutral paint tones will make a bigger impact compared to bright and vibrant colors.
  • Solid colors work well on beds, especially white!
  • If unsure of what to do before photos, ask our photography team before they begin so it can be corrected beforehand.
  • When in doubt, less is more!
  • Ask the photographer if they want a glass of water or coffee, it goes a long way!


  • Remove cars from driveway.
  • Hide Trashcans inside garage and close door.
  • Remove clutter like hoses, yard tools, unnecessary garden decorations, etc.
  • Clear patio of leaves, debris, and extra furniture.
  • Have grass cut and yard landscaped. This includes weed eating and trimming to perfection! Ask the landscaper if they have a suggestion on potted flowers to add color that will compliment your home’s color palette.
  • Add new mulch, at least a thin layer if possible to make your home photo’s standout from the other home listings.
  • Trim bushes and trees if needed.
  • Front door and shutters should have already been freshly painted.
  • Be sure to put any pets inside. Remember, that in most cases (where drones are permitted) we will have aerial videography in addition to still photography so moving pets from the front to the back yard will not work in this situation.
  • Make sure the deck is clear and patio furniture is set out depending on size.
  • Clean the grill and wipe down the outside if stainless steel.
  • Pull back all curtains, the brighter the better!


  • Put pets outside but make sure they’re away from windows and doors that would cause them to be visible during the photo shoot.
  • Remember to remove all trash cans and place back outside so they are not visible in the garage or inside your home during the interior photo session.

Living Room

  • Make sure pillows are neatly arranged (keep the decorative pillows to a minimum, less is more!)
  • Remove blankets unless placed or advised by the stager.
  • Remove TV and all other remotes from sight.
  • Turn TV off.
  • Remove any magazines/books that aren’t set up to be decorative.
  • Remove large and bulky furniture as needed to open up the room.
  • Remove family portraits and put in a safe place.
  • Remove personal items like photographs and other distracting wall hangings.


  •  Remove all counter top appliances (microwaves, toasters, Kuerigs, paper towels, etc), the counter should be clear with the exception of fruit baskets or other decor. Again, keep it simple and when in doubt, remove the item.
  • Refrigerator should be completely clear of any magnets, post its, and stickers.
  • Remove trashcan from kitchen.
  • Remove pet items (dog bowls).
  • Wipe down appliances especially stainless steel fixtures.
  • Remove personal items like photographs and other distracting wall hangings.
  • Remove cumbersome kitchen tables if kitchen could appear small or take out anything else that could take away from the true size of your kitchen.


  • Make beds and use a solid white comforter if possible. Make sure the comforter fits the bed appropriately (Don’t put a queen size comforter on a king size bed!)
  • Store dirty laundry/towels in a closet that our photo team is not shooting or in another area that isn’t being photographed.
  • Fluff pillows.
  • Remove ALL clutter and oversized furniture that makes the rooms feel smaller.
  • Clean under beds so unwanted items don’t show up. If the picture doesn’t capture the unwanted item, the video will!
  • Remove personal items like photographs and other distracting wall hangings.
  • Keep closets organized and clean


  • Remove dirty towels.
  • Remove laundry bins.
  • Remove trashcan.
  • Counters should be completely clear, remove items such as toothbrush, hair dryers, hygiene products.
  • Towels should be neatly hung from dry racks.
  • Remove shampoo and soap from shower.
  • Make sure toilet paper roll is full and neat.
  • Remove ALL clutter.

Bonus Rooms and Offices 

  • Clear all paperwork and any other clutter in your office and/or on your desk and file away as needed.
  • Give the bonus room a purpose and keep the same minimalist theme if possible.

Garages, Attics & Storage Places 

  • Remove ALL unorganized clutter from attic and storage spaces.
  • If possible, keep the garage clean and without clutter  (We know this is not always possible – Get bins and pack neatly if nothing else. Label the bins now and as we get closer to moving day, you may thank us!)