Cory, see below for every home listed by every broker. I built this page specifically for your search. The other MLS database will automatically email you as soon as there is a new listing that meets the criteria we selected of 100k to 210k located in 23116, 23111.

Now this page is a link you can save that is your page. This website will show you any home listed for sale from $0 to 250k and all of Hanover County, so we don’t miss anything. This page will only display homes that have been listed with the criteria above in the last two weeks, if older than approx 14 days; the homes will drop off! We do it this way so you’re not bombarded with 1,000 emails and only alerted for homes that fit your criteria closer. Check this link whenever you want in addition to the links sent directly from the MLS. The homes update every 15 minutes.