THE MASTERY OF GIVING … The Journey … The dash… 

I believe there are 3 stages of giving in this life and few reach it to the third. Heck, some don’t even reach it to the first phase of the journey bc they battle with self and ego. Some ego is good, it’s acting to only benefit you that is destructive.

The journey of giving is a path I intend to conquer and know that it will take others like you and interdependence to make that final leap. Keep in mind that we go through seasons of our life while growing and reaching the one, two, or three stage of giving doesn’t mean you can’t fall off that ledge.

We say that we’re giving unconditionally and without boundaries… Are we, really? If it’s unconditional giving when we give without needing anything back like money, hard work, a favor later, so that we appear selfless … Even if we’re only giving because it makes us happy – is that really giving without needing something back? The answer is No, it’s not. Even without needing an ROI, we are giving bc it makes us happy to help others, and true unconditional giving would mean exactly that… unconditional and without boundaries! 

Stage One of Giving | First phase of Giving 

#1 – The first stage of giving is to free yourself of hoarding and hanging on to every possible opportunity, piece of knowledge and a scarcity mindset – not an abundant one. This stage of giving is when we’re passed knowing that we must give to succeed, we’re actually giving in a manner that will allow us to grow and achieve our goals. Let go of control and start growing by leveraging. yourself and your surroundings to achieve more. 

To simplify… this stage is known as the Give to get an ROI ( return of investment )

Stage Two of Giving  | Second phase of Giving

#2 – The second stage of giving is to not only give to get a return on investment like stock, favors back, money etc – it’s to give without needing anything but making us happy in return. For the givers that we know, this is the stage that is the most common. In this stage, we are giving bc it makes us feel good – it’s not necessarily about them and can still be considered a selfish act! What a great accomplishment and yet, the relationship is codependent and codependency means both rely on the relationship.

To simplify … this stage is known as giving to make ourselves happy

Stage Three of Giving | Third phase of Giving 

This is the ultimate stage of giving that very few achieve … So little make it here … and yet, it’s not even mastery! In this stage of giving, we are giving without boundaries and we give so much that it becomes habit and we feel little to no contentment with giving bc it’s hardwired into who we are down to our soul.  We have no intentions of getting ANYTHING back in return, no ROI what so ever, not even bc we need a ” feel good ” moment in our lives in the pursuit of our own happiness. It’s like being happy in the moment and the more times you do it, the less contentment comes from the act of service and it becomes a habit without thinking, or feeling … WOW! 

To simplify … this stage is giving without the need to feel happy this phase of giving is without any boundaries in a true unconditional approach! 

MASTERY | Interdependent Giving

Naturally inspiring others to become selfless

Mastery is something that few reach in anything, much less an achievement without self! Mastery is working at something for countless hours with consistency and intentional purpose to respond in a way that you may not even be able to articulate, yet inspired followers ( your tribe ) follow in the pursuit of a similar achievement. This is the highest level of achievement and it’s a level that will allow us to coach our tribe to level 3 of giving to create a world of giving which will propel growth where everyone grows quicker, faster, and stronger than ever – no holding back. 

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